The first Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency to be used on a Shariah-compliant blockchain (ISL).

Service and Product Provider



QINTAR is a Shariah compliant cryptocurrency used as a means of payment, initially focused on products and services in the holy cities. It facilitates seamless and transparent use within the ISL Blockchain, with no third party involvement.


QINTAR is a stable coin as there are real products and services that can be purchased with it, such as airline tickets and hotel rooms, all via a mobile device.

There are 9,999,900 QINTAR coins that have been minted. Qintar Capital Switzerland plans to sell 2.2 million QINTAR during the ICO at the price of CHF 130 per QINTAR.

  • With QINTAR, no more need to carry large sums of paper money.
  • With QINTAR, no third parties required.
  • With QINTAR, no transfer or transaction fees.
  • With QINTAR, no spending limit. You can spend what you have in QINTAR coins.
  • With QINTAR, 1.8 billion Muslims across the world can safely engage with cryptocurrencies as it is Shariah compliant.
  • With QINTAR, people without bank accounts or credit cards can easily transact via their mobile device.
Q1-Q3, 2017 Formulating the idea
Market research, Partner involvement, Commencing platform development
Q4, 2018 Team building
Introduction of the prototype idea, Securing the legal approval for QINTAR
Q4, 2018 Smart contract development
Developing and deploying of smart contract on ISL Blockchain
Q2, 2019 ICO start
QINTAR implementation into the payment system, Commence the marketing campaign, Brand promotion
Q2, 2019 QINTAR implementation into the economy
Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges, giving service providers the ability to add their products and services to the platform
Q3, 2021
API development

9,999,900 QINTAR


1 QINTAR = CHF 130

Maximum Goal

Hard cap: CHF 289 million

Accepted Currencies



No refund possible

Emission Rate

No new QINTAR will be created

1 QINTAR = 130 CHf


All the proceeds of the ICO will be collected by a Swiss financial intermediary. Once accepted, i.e. after the KYC performed by the Swiss financial intermediary, the contribution will not be refunded.


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